The GREŃ company was founded in 1990. The main goal for the company has always been the highest quality of its products along with customer satisfaction. In 2004, the Company implemented the PN-EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System; in 2007 it employed the 97/23/EG Equipment Directive which entitles the Company to use the CE0036 marking on its equipment.

The main area of the Company's operations is manufacturing central heating boilers which conform to energy and environmental regulations regarding low power, solid fuel heating devices and have the ICHWP "Environmental Safety" certificate. The Company manufactures 1st and 2nd generation EKO-GREŃ coal boilers as well as biomass boilers using, e.g. pellet, wood chip etc..

Many years of experience in manufacturing steel structures, wide range of services, experienced staff, expert assistance, accepting specific orders, production process management flexibility along with the ability to operate on construction sites ensures continuous customer satisfaction.
Our company specializes in various types of welded structures. Great potential for our Company allows us to complete customized/specialized and large size orders. The list includes: conveyor belts, billboards, loading vehicles, self-loading semi-trailers and a variety of pallets used in automotive industry.



Innovative Economy Operational Programme, years: 2007 - 2013
Operation 6.1. Passport to Export,
Amount granted: 325,884.00 PLN (Polish Zloty)

Project title: "Polish economy on the international market"

Project co-financed by the EU within the framework
European Regional Development Fund

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